Trail Map

Map courtesy of the Eastern Massachusetts National Wildlife Refuge Complex. © U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
Click here for a printable map of the refuge and the trails open in the refuge (pdf file, .5mb)

To help you plan this and future visits to the refuge, please consider the following trail lengths:

 North Section South Section
 Petapawag Trail 0.9 miles Fisher Loop 2.3 miles
 Harry’s Way 1.8 miles Mink Link 0.1 miles
 Towhee Trail 1.0 miles Sweet Fern Trail 0.3 miles
 Hill Trail 0.4 miles  
 Powerline Trail 0.2 miles  
 Winterberry Way 1.5 miles  
 Patrol Road 0.8 miles  
 White Pond Rd 1.5 miles  
 Carbary’s Trail 0.1 miles  
 Tri-Town Trail 1.2 miles  
 Pine Garden Trail 0.3 miles  
 Otter Alley 0.3 miles  
 Kingfisher Trail 0.1 miles  
 Puffer Pond Trail 0.4 miles  
 Tebassa Trail 0.1 miles  
 Taylor Way 1.8 miles  
 Sandbank Trail 0.1 miles